This beard has to go, and its up to you…

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok people, I’ve had this bird’s nest on my face for about five and a half months. Its time for a change… So here is what I propose. I will collectively listen to your suggestions as far as what facial hair style I should carve into my Neanderthal head, and whatever style gets the most votes, wins.

So, let the suggestions fly… Colonial Chops, Handlebar Stache, The reverse beard, etc….

My face is your canvas… I’m so dumb


  1. POPZ!!!!! says:

    Your mum wants it compleatly off,maybe a scruffy beard.I can take it or leave it.
    what makes you feel comfortable?.A ice “STASH” will do.The stash is what got you in WipeOut.Love you son.Good Luck

  2. Nick Phelps says:

    The Whaler, for sure.

  3. Crowbar Lamar says:

    The first glance of a boy working ay Ariba facial hair. Mmhmm!

  4. Trent says:

    So what happened to not shaving for a year? You need to join Bearded Gents .com. You will get all the support you neeed to make it to a year and beyond, You have a SPECTACULAR beard, and one that needs to be cultivated! It really does suit you. Adds a lot of strength to your face. I’m Trent, aka Beardbush on the Bearded Gents site. My beard has been growing for 13 years now, with an occasional maintenance trim now and again……….. Keep the beard!!!

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