Day Eighty Three. . .

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March 24th

Day Eighty Three… Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to inform you that I have received yet another donation to the “Buy Rico an iPad Fund”!! Mr. Mark Scheerer has donated $10.45 to the cause. Mark, I salute you.  You are a true philanthropist. The latest donation brings my total to $67.64.

On another note, the black eyes I have are turning yellow. Creepy. My beard is still as awesome as always.

See you tomorrow.


Day Eighty Two. . .

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March 23rd

Day Eighty Two… There’s nothing quite like having stitches on the bridge of your nose. Its fairly distracting. For a moment, I think my beard has completely taken over my face. Hopefully, I will only have these things in here for a few more days. On a better note, I have successfully hit over 5000 viewers on my blog. Thanks for making it happen. My beard and I salute you.

See you tomorrow.

Day Eighty One. . .

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March 22nd

Day Eighty One… Sorry for the late post. WordPress’ Servers went down. Anyways, as you can see, the black eyes that I thought I wasn’t going to get have come. Not too bad though. It just looks like I’m really tired. But I’m not. Hopefully, they will be gone by tomorrow. My beard is still angry about the other regions of my face that have been getting more attention for the last few days. Its ok, I fed it some ice cream.

See you tomorrow.

Day Eighty. . .

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March 21st

Day Eighty… So I woke up this morning after yesterday’s accident and it feels like an elephant stepped on my head. For some reason it feels like my gigantic head got resized to be a little smaller. Wishful thinking. Thought I would be waking up with two black eyes. Turns out I just have an unusually swollen nose. Anyways, I should get my stitches out either on Thursday or Friday. My beard was jealous of all the attention my nose was getting… We’re not talking right now.

PS – Thanks to Laurie for being on Concussion Watch 2011

See you tomorrow

Day Seventy Nine. . .

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March 20th

Day Seventy Nine… So, as you can see from my picture, I had a little accident during our football game. On the LAST PLAY of the game, I decided to use my face as a battering ram unintentionally. I had to get 4 stitches across the bridge of my nose… Hopefully I won’t have a scar for the rest of my life. Good news is we won and I had one of the best games of the season. My beard also had a touchdown but was flagged for excessive celebration.

See you tomorrow

Day Seventy Eight. . .

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March 19th

Day Seventy Eight… I’m quickly running out of mustache wax. So lately I’ve heard many descriptive words in regards to my beard. Here are a few – Epic, awesome, huge, ugly (from my sister), majestic (true story), gigantic, etc… My point is, my bosses may make me trim it or shave it. Now the only feedback I’ve heard about my beard is positive. Never negative. What do you think? RESPOND!!!

Day Seventy Seven. . .

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March 18th

Day Seventy Seven… So, how is everyone feeling today?? Long night last night? I’ll tell you one thing, I feel great… Anyways, Filisophical Fridays is here.. What shall I talk about today. Ok, here we go… I believe that the government should mandate that every citizen in the United States be required to work in the Service Industry. It amazes me how people treat one another within the walls of a restaurant. If a guest and a server were to meet outside without knowing who each other were, they may exchange hellos or nod or maybe even not say anything at all. Yet you take the same two people, one serving the other, and the guest automatically becomes “higher” than the server. All I want is for people to know what we all go through on a daily basis. We are people too. Treat us that way.

See you tomorrow.

Day Seventy Six. . .

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March 17th

Day Seventy Six… Happy St. Paddies day to all. Or as I like to call it St. “Everyone drinks for no reason and acts like an idiot” Day. One thing I would like to say is… TAKE A CAB. Who cares where your car is. Do not drink and drive. Take it from me. Be safe tonight people. Me and my beard beg you.

See you tomorrow.

Day Seventy Five. . .

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March 16th

Day Seventy Five… Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to inform you that yet another person has donated to the “Buy Rico an iPad Fund”. Mr. Tomas Andino, my pops has donated $20. On one condition though, he said he wants to use it… If I get enough money, he will definitely get to use it all the time. This brings my total to around $66 dollars… Almost there… Kinda

See you tomorrow.

Day Seventy Four… Not much to say today. My beard is out of control. One thing that I would like to say is Happy Birthday Pops! My pops is 69 years old today and still kickin. He doesnt have an awesome beard but he rocks the sweet stache… Happy Birthday Tomas. I love you

See you tomorrow.
Below is a pick of my pops when he was my age. What a good looking dude!

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